ATP Science lean and hard stack - alpha venus - cort rx

ATP Science Lean & Hard Stack

the perfect stack to scorch that stubborn fat around your stomach, sides & lower back!


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Stuck with that last bit of stubborn fat around your tummy? If you’re getting fed up doing hours of cardio and eating what feels like rabbit food every day then this stack is for you! The biggest issue most women don’t look at when trying to lose body fat is… YOUR HORMONES! Two of which being the main culprits of clinging on to body fat for dear life. Estrogen & Cortisol (Stress). ATP Science & Muscle Maker Supplements have brought you a way to get rid of that unwanted body fat that doesn’t seem to want to leave with the lean & hard stack

The Lean & hard Stack is made up of:

  1. ATP Science Alpha Venus
  2. ATP Science Cort Rx


Alpha Venus is formulated for women that have an excess of oestrogen in their body and a lack of progesterone.Estrogen is an essential hormone for health and wellness in both men and women; but you can get too much of a good thing.

Estrogen holds subcutaneous fat and fluid in these areas hips, buttocks, thighs, breasts and chest, backs of the arms, love handles, lower back, lower abdomen, poor muscle mass and quality, poor muscle definition, excessive subcutaneous and intramuscular fat.

Alpha Venus works naturally with body to regulate and flush out excess estrogen leaving enough of whats good & needed and removes the rest!


Everybody experiences stress. There is no escaping it. Some people thrive and cope with the stress, while other suffer the effects of stress. ATP Science Cort RX won’t eliminate your stress but it will help you cope with it.

When cortisol rises the body goes into an almost ‘survival mode’ of sorts and begins to store body fat, commonly around the mid section protecting all your major internal organs. By helping your body to cope better with stress, the body can go back to focusing on burning that stubborn fat while simultaneously allowing to feel at ease, lower cravings, improve sleep & even decrease tolerance to stimulant pre workout ingredients such as caffeine.


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