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The newest product to add to the superstar line up by Centurion Labz.  It’s predecessor “ Legion 2” has received outstanding reviews.  Due to some of the powerhouse ingredients, it was hard to put out the amazing flavors that Legion 2 deserved. Phenta Peeled not only packs the same intense punch for a weight loss powder, it also comes in 4 top notch flavors that sound good enough to be served on a tropical island.

As always, Centurion Labz bring you the most cutting edge products with efficacious dosages to maximise the product’s benefit. They did just that again this time round. This new product is designed to increase your energy, core temperature, and metabolic rate. Phenta Peeled will also suppress appetite to help control over eating!


Cola Lime, Guava, Peach Mango, Pear


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