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ultra lean whey protein isolit

  • 25g of 100% WPI only
  • 30 serves per tub
  • low fat / low carb
  • digestive enzymes for nutrient uptake

Primeval Labs isolit 2 for $100 banner

ultra lean whey protein isolit

  • 25g of 100% WPI only
  • 30 serves per tub
  • low fat / low carb
  • digestive enzymes for nutrient uptake

Primeval Labs isolit 2 for $100 banner


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Primeval Labs Isolit whey protein isolate Product

Primeval Labs Isolit is a 100% pure whey protein isolate protein powder that mixes easily and tastes absolutely delicious. ISOLIT is derived from exceptionally high-quality milk, and by using only whey protein isolate, we’ve maximised protein content per scoop while limiting carbohydrates and fat.

ISOLIT is an easily digestible pure whey protein isolate that contains a 100% pure, Triple Cold-Filtered processed whey protein isolate (4x smaller than micro filtered!), giving you a protein with unparalleled absorption and bioavailability! By using a cold-filtered purification process, ISOLIT is able to retain a higher concentration of the bioactive fractions naturally occurring in whey protein.

Cold Pressed Cross Flow Microfiltration is a natural non-chemical manufacturing process which uses high-tech ceramic filters to remove the vast majority of carbohydrates, lactose, and fat from milk. Unlike ion exchange, which involves the use of harsh chemicals such as hydrochloric acid that degrade the bioactive whey fractions, cold-pressed cross-flow microfiltered whey uses no harsh chemicals or high temperatures, resulting in a whey protein isolate that retains all of the beneficial bioactive fractions of whey while at the same time delivering a powder that is incredibly high in protein and essential minerals, but low in carbs, fat, and lactose.

Hard training athletes know the value of a calorie, and if you’re anything like us, you hate wasting calories on unnecessary carbohydrates and fats lurking in your protein powder. For this exact reason, we’ve selected whey protein isolate. Whey protein isolate contains a minimum 90% protein by mass, which means there’s virtually no room left for carbohydrates, lactose, or fat. Typical bargain bin protein powders you’ll find on the market use the cheaper, less refined whey protein concentrate, which is rich in various immunoglobulins and lactoferrins, but suffers from a lack of standardisation in quality.

You see, whey protein concentrate can range anywhere from 35-80% protein by weight depending on what quality a particular manufacturer ends up using. Even worse, companies aren’t required to list which grade of whey protein concentrate they use in their protein, which means you could only be getting about 35% protein by weight in your powder. This also means you’re “economy” protein powder could contain as much as 65% carbohydrates and fats. That’s hardly a “protein powder” in our book.

Primeval Labs ISOLIT utilises whey protein isolate, the purest form of whey protein on the market. Whey Isolate is processed one degree further than whey concentrate to remove fat and lactose, which delivers high protein, low carbohydrate and fat, and no GI upset. In other words, each serving of Isolit is basically pure protein. We’ve gone the extra mile to source a higher quality whey protein isolate so you can rest assured that you get what you pay for, and don’t waste money (and calories) on extraneous carbohydrates, fats, and fillers like maltodextrin and flour!

  • FIVE incredible flavors!
  • 25 grams protein per scoop
  • High biological value
  • Halts muscle protein breakdown
  • Elevates muscle protein synthesis
  • Supports lean mass gains
  • Rapid digestion
  • Easily absorbed
  • Rich in leucine and BCAAs
  • Added digestive enzyme support
  • Reduces hunger
What is DigeSEB Plus®?

Whey protein isolate on its own is easy on the digestive system and readily absorbed, but to further improve the quality and superiority of Isolit, we’ve added a full complement of digestive enzymes to further enhance nutrient absorption and obliterate the “heavy” feeling that plagues other whey protein powders.

Primeval labs ISOLIT protein includes EIGHT different digestive enzymes, featuring HemiSEB® — a unique enzyme complex that enhances digestibility, reduces bloating, and improves overall nutrition. HemiSEB contains a special combination of cellulose, xylanase B, glucosidase, pectinase, and phytase specifically formulated to improve digestibility of a broad range of foods (especially dairy) into nutrients your body can easily use.

Also included in our patented DigeSEB Plus blend are:

Amylases – naturally occurring enzyme that breaks down carbohydrates, more specifically starch, into smaller dextrins and sugars

Proteases I & II – enzyme produced by the body that hydrolyzes (breaks down) proteins like whey, casein, steak, chicken, fish as well as plant proteins into smaller chains of polypeptides and amino acids for uptake and utilization by the body

Lactase – enzyme that breaks down lactose (milk sugar)

Lipase – enzyme that catalyzes the breakdown of fats into essential fatty acids used by the body for cell membrane repair and maintenance, hormone production, and numerous other functions

Cellulase – enzyme that digests cellulose, a complex carbohydrate found in all plant material including plant fiber

Invertase – enzyme that breaks down sucrose into the monosaccharides glucose and fructose.

Diastase – a type of amylase that breaks down starch into dextrin and maltose

Why Include Digestive Enzymes?

Digestive enzyme supplements can enhance nutrient absorption, improve energy levels, and encourage overall better health. By including this comprehensive matrix of digestive enzymes, we can help eliminate the discomfort of incomplete digestion, while actually enhancing the breakdown of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The end result is greater nutrient uptake and utilization to support muscle recovery and growth from your intense training.


Mix one serve (1 Scoop) of Primeval Labs IsoLit with 250-400ml of water of chosen liquid after workout or throughout the day to reach daily protein goals. for best results, mix 1 scoop & consume within 30 minutes of finishing workout

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Cinnamon Milk, Caramel Latte, Chocolate Milk, Coco Mint Chip, Dinner Vanilla, Orange Creamsicle, Pumpkin Pie

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