Have you been slaving away in the gym? Dieting for weeks on end and still feel like you are not getting the look you are after or deserve? Chances are it may not be actual body fat that is giving you that soft, less desirable look.  Redcon1 have come to the party and formulated a seriously strong, natural diuretic formula that will have you expelling water fast from your body to show off all your hard work. Introducing Redcon1 Waterboard Diuretic

REDcon1 waterboard ingredients
  • Horsetail Extract 500mg – an anti-oxidant that increases the frequency of urination.
  • Dandelion Root Extract 500mg – a popular natural diuretic that expels water from the body.
  • Uva-Ursi 400mg – reduces bacteria found in urine, along with drying out muscle tissue.
  • Goldenrod 450mg – Helps to reduce inflammation and increase urine output.
  • Juniper Berry Extract 100mg – Increases desire to urinate, along with assisting gastro-intestinal issues.
  • Green Tea Extract 100mg – Increases metabolic rate as well as being rich in anti-oxidants.
  • Paradoxine 25mg – Raises calorie expenditure without altering heart rate.
  • Lean GBB® 25mg – Increases body temperature and assists with L-Carnitine production.

As you can see, this is loaded with a host of ingredients that are non-stimulant by nature and all play a role in getting your body to expel greater amounts of fluid.

Who Is waterboard suited to?

Waterboard Diuretic is ideal for anybody looking to show off their hard work. Whether it is bodybuilders, bikini athletes or just the everyday person who has a special event coming up that they want to look their absolute best at.