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Vantage Strength: Big Grips 50mm

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Made from high-quality compound, Vantage Strength Big Grips aka Fat Grips make even the easiest of exercises harder. No need for multiple different bars, expensive equipment upgrades or new exercises, these Grips are the perfect addition to your gym bag.

Simply fit on the bar and lift!

At over 50mm in diameter, they instantly increase the thickness of the bar, which forces greater muscle activation and faster growth.

  • Need bigger triceps? Press with Big Grips…
  • Want bigger biceps? Curl with Big Grips…
  • Sick of having smaller forearms? Pull with Big Grips…

Made to fit all standard sized dumbbells and barbells, fat grips can be fit within seconds, are comfortable to use and won’t move once on the bar either.

Strengthen your weakest link…

With fat grips you will feel more balanced in your pressing power, your weakest link will never let you down again and the activation of muscle tissue you didn’t even know you had will have you hitting PB’s before you know it.

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