What Are GDA’s (Glucose Disposal Agents)? Your Complete Guide To Cheating Cheat Meals

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What Are GDA’s (Glucose Disposal Agents)? How, What, When To Take.

You may have heard the term glucose disposal agent (a.k.a. GDA), insulin mimetic or nutrient partitioning agent. These are different terms for the same type of dietary supplement that has the purpose of aiding the body in breaking down carbohydrates from the diet and storing them in the form of muscle glycogen.

Users who supplement with GDA’s have reported being able to eat larger quantities of food while staying leaner, having more visually “full-looking” muscles. They also report being able to reach lower levels of body fat during fat loss focused dieting phases.

It doesn’t matter what kinds of fitness goals you have when taking advantage of the powerful hormone known as insulin. Insulin is a very potent inducer of amino acid uptake and muscle protein synthesis, and thus the key to growth and recovery of muscle tissue.

Insulin is indeed the most anabolic hormone found in the body, but in terms of its’ greatly positive effects on muscle gains, the door swings both ways. Insulin also directs both use and storage of glucose stemming from the carbohydrates ingested in the diet.

Glucose gets stored as glycogen in either muscle or liver tissue, or as fat, in adipose tissue. It is very fortunate for us that we do in fact have an influence as to where the insulin directs the glucose to a certain degree. The glucose disposal agents or GDAs are used to help ensure that the carbohydrates from the diet get stored as glycogen in muscles rather than fat.

GDA’s take great advantage of the power that insulin possesses by working in cooperation with the body, optimising it’s response to the naturally produced insulin for an overall leaner, more muscular and healthier physique.

Now that we have a basic understanding of insulin and how GDA’s work to manipulate Carbohydrate intake. It’s important to establish what they are and what they are not.

What they are not: a way to consume a cheat meal, absorb none of the carbohydrates and suffer no repercussions.

What they are: a tool to assist in shuttling glucose into the muscle cells for storage as glycogen so that less insulin needs to be released after consuming a high carbohydrate meal. The benefits of higher levels of muscle glycogen are;

  • More fuel for training
  • Better pumps/increased vascularity

The best way to take a GDA is the correct serving size depending on the product you have chosen and consume roughly 30 minutes prior to eating a heavy carbohydrate meal.


If you are looking to start using a GDA for muscle growth or weight loss goals. We have picked the very best on the market judging by ingredient formula, customer feedback/results and price.

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What does GDA mean?

GDA stands for Glucose Disposal Agent.

When Should I Take a GDA?

It is best to take your Glucose Disposal Agent (GDA) Supplement about 30 minutes before eating a carbohydrate heavy meal.

What do GDAs do?

Glucose Disposal Agents (GDA's) aid the body in breaking down carbohydrates from the diet and storing them in the form of muscle glycogen

What are the benefits of GDA's?

Taking a GDA with those meals will assist in shuttling the large volumes of glucose into the muscles and control the amount of insulin released for: better pumps, weight control, more fuel for training.

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