low cable crossover

The low cable crossover, also known as a low cable flye is an isolation movement that uses a cable stack to target the upper portion of the pectoral muscles. It is common in upper body and chest-focused muscle-building workouts, often in combination with presses or flyes from other angles to target all portions of the chest.

Low Cable Crossover Benefits:
  • Unlike dumbbells, cables provide constant tension, including at peak contraction
  • Ability to quickly switch weights for dropsets
  • Line of resistance from the cables targets the mucles of the upper pectorals
  • Stretches the chest mucles under load, which can lead to greater muscle gain
    • Type: Strength
    • Main Muscle Worked: Chest
    • Equipment: Cables
    • Level: Intermediate
  1. Place the pulleys into the low position & select your desired weight or resistance.
  2. grab the handles and step forward bringing the causing tension on the pulleys.
  3. with your palms facing upwards & chest out high, start with your hands at your waist & bring the cables upwards to cross in front of your torso with your with a slight bend in your arm.
  4. after a brief pause, slowly return your hands back to their starting position. that is one rep.


How to do low cable crossover flyes