spider curl

The spider curl is an exercise targeting the biceps and usually performed with an EZ-Bar, face down on either an incline bench or on the flat side of a preacher bench. The EZ-bar makes for a more comfortable wrist position, while the angle helps to isolate the biceps and limit involvement of the shoulder muscles. This curl variation is usually performed for moderate to high reps, such as 8-12 reps per set or more, as part of upper-body or arm-focused training.

  1. Adds size and definition to the biceps
  2. Positioning on the incline bench helps isolate the biceps and enforce strict form
  3. Great burnout movement on arm day

Video Source: Men’s Health

  • Type: Strength
  • Muscle Worked: Biceps
  • Equipment: Dumbbells or Barbell
  • Level: Intermediate
  1. Arms hanging straight down toward the floor, fully extended Lean forward on a bench (as shown) or the benchless side of a preacher curl apparatus.
  2. Hold a barbell or dumbbells with your arms extended and your triceps in contact with lower pad.
  3. The upper pad should be snug in your armpits
  4. .Keeping your upper arms stationary, curl the weight straight up as high as possible.
  5. At the top of the rep, squeeze your biceps hard, then slowly lower to the start position.
  6. Perform the reps at a controlled tempo; this shouldn’t be a ballistic movement.

Repeat for desired reps

Spider Curls How to