Black Phoenix Labs Ignite Fat Burner Review

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Black Phoenix Labs – Ignite Fat Burner Review

Fresh onto the scene, Black Phoenix Labs has launched itself with one of (if not the most) strongest fat burners ever to hit the Australian supplement market! This fat burner is packed with stimulants and ingredients that support increased weight loss, increased energy levels and focus! Ignite is perfect for those looking for a fat burner and a pre workout rolled into one.

ignite highlights:

Black Phoenix Ignite was formulated for a very certain demographic. The ones who are tired of using fat burners and not feeling any energy or ‘kick’ for their workouts. This absolute weapon contains 300mg of caffeine and 200mg of English walnut. That combination of stimulants alone is more than a lot of Pre Workouts.

Ignite primarily focus’s on ingredients to boost energy, focus and to elevate your mood for your workouts. 

For fat burning however, while it misses some well known ingredients to aid in pathways for fat loss; It does contain a full clicinal dose of Carnitine spread across two types as well as an overdosed amount of GBB. So all these ingredients mixed into one scoop you can expect to feel a lot of intense energy, focus and some serious sweating during your workout. Also a decrease in appetite which will help you control your calorie intake while you’re in a caloric deficit. black phoenix ignite fat burner supplement review

results & effects

As this product has multiple benefits and attributes, the best way to explain the results you will receive from the product as immediate, intermediate and long-term.

Immediate effects of this product will be felt upon taking it, from the highly dosed stimulant and thermogenic ingredients that ultimately give you energy and heat you up. Ready for your workout session.

Intermediate effects of this product will include improved feeling of wellbeing, focus, mood enhancement & definitely some sweating courtesy of GBB.

These long-term effects include enhanced weight loss, tighter & less watery physique.

Therefore, in combination with a sensible training regime and diet plan, this supplement will certainly assist in achieving your weight loss goals.

side effects

As is the case with any supplement that contains caffeine, your tolerance level is person by person & should be assessed before going into a full serve. 

But with Ignite in particular we really advise you all to begin with just half a scoop. Due to the incredibly high amount of stimulant ingredients, it could be overwhelming for many people even regular fat burner users.


Black Phoenix Labs Ignite comes in 4 flavours. They are:

Blue Snow Cone, Grape Zapps, Pango Splash (Mango Passionfruit) and Pineapple Crush.

Now at the time of this review, we have only tried the ‘Pineapple Crush’ flavour. Because we are pineapple FREAKS! And we LOVE LOVE LOVE this pineapple! But going by sales, Grape & Blue Snow Cone are neck in neck for the most popular. So next tub we try will be the Pango Splash. Just so we can get the most information to you all! But judging by how nice the Pineapple was, it’s unlikely to believe that whatever flavour peaks your fancy, you are surely going to enjoy it! black phoenix ignite fat burner supplement review

when & how to take

We would recommend to only use Ignite for a pre workout. Not the usual 1 scoop in the morning and 2nd scoop before training like most fat burners. Purely due to the high-stim in this one, you don’t need to be consuming so much caffeine. This is a prime example of more isn’t always better.

However, the only benefit of taking this twice a day will be the extreme appetite suppressant effects. So if you are struggling with snacking/over eating. You may benefit from taking twice. 

Just beware of taking too late at night not to effect your asleep. Or taking too close together and feeling over stimulated which will result in a deep crash-like feeling towards the afternoon.


This powerful fat burner might not be for everyone. Especially those with a low tolerance for stimulants like caffeine. But if you are like us and currently looking to shed a bit of weight coming into the warmer weather and find most fat burners just don’t give enough kick than you can NOT go past this hidden gem! Just be sensible and realistic with how much your body can take and enjoy the ride with your workouts now cranked up to an 11/10! black phoenix ignite fat burner supplement review

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