BSN True Mass 1200 Review

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BSN True Mass 1200 Mass Gainer Supplement Review

True Mass 1200 from the juggernaut company BSN is without a shred of doubt, one of the biggest and heaviest mass gainer supplements available on the market today. All thanks to its ridiculously high caloric value. With the 1210 calories per serve comprised of high-quality carbs, protein and it’s BCAA content. This one is without a doubt NOT for faint of heart. This is purely for the hard gainers!

  • 1210 calories per 2 scoop (310g) serve
  • 50g of protein
  • 213g of carbohydrates
  • 17g of fat
  • 7 different sources if protein
  • incredibly high calorie mass gainer


Protein: The whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, milk protein isolate, glutamine peptides, hydrolysed whey protein, micellar casein and egg albumin

Carbohydrates: Maltodextrin and whole oat flour as carbohydrate sources

Fat: MCT Powder


Thanks to True Mass 1200 utilising a unique blend of ingredients to achieve such a dense calorie count, you can easily expect to put on serious weight with this.

By using 7 different sources of protein, this also means the absorption rate will keep you feeling fuller for longer periods but without the usual bloating from other mass gainers. BSN True mass 1200 supplement review


Let’s begin with flavours. True Mass comes in 3 delicious, Ice Cream inspired flavours as to be expected with the BSN range. These flavours are:

Chocolate Ice Cream, Strawberry Ice Cream and Vanilla Ice Cream.

Now you would have seen many different brands and types of protein name their flavours as ‘Ice Cream’. But the difference with BSN is they actually TASTE LIKE ICE CREAM! So if you’re a fan of milky, sweet milkshakes than True Mass 1200 will not disappoint!

Now as for mixability. True Mass mixes perfectly! However, as with most mass gainers being such a huge serving size, we do recommend either using a blender or at the very least, an 800ml-1L size shaker bottle.


The suggested way of using True Mass is ‘Mix 2 scoops with 16oz of cold water or beverage of choice i.e. milk. We do agree with this however, we know it can be hard to chug down this behemoth in one go. So what we recommend with most mass gainers is to simply half your serve but consume twice a day.

For example. Mix one scoop in the morning and a second scoop after training later in the day. This way you are still getting your daily serve but easier to drink. 

Whatever you do, do NOT make the mistake of replacing one of these shakes with a meal. The idea with mass gainers is to consume them between meals for a huge boost of daily calories for growth! BSN True mass 1200 supplement review


Because there is so many mass gainers available on the market, it can be more than confusing to find the right one for you personally. We believe that True Mass 1200 is ideal mostly for the truly hard gainers or textbook “Ectomorphs’. True Mass is supercharged with calories, relatively light on the stomach considering the dense caloric intake and also tastes like a creamy milkshake. If you’re struggling to put on weight and want to enjoy an easy 1200 extra calories. You can’t look past True Mass 1200!

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