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Within the fitness industry at the moment a booming trend seems to be protein pudding or custard. Hats off to certain brands that have coopted this idea and marketed their products to seem as though they are the only powders you can do this with, but fortunately you can make this with practically ANY protein powder.

For starters, when making the custard it seems when using casein protein the pudding sets better due to the product being thicker than alternatives such as whey blends, concentrates or isolates. Though you can use whatever protein you want and still get a great result! For this recipe we will focus on using a whey protein blend.


protein pudding

  1. Put 2 Scoops of protein powder into your bowl.
  2. Add 50ml of water to the powder and mix until it makes a custard type texture. (Add more water if you want the custard to be thinner).
  3. Place the bowl in your fridge for 1-2 hours
  4. Once the 1-2 hours is up, your pudding will be ready. From here you can add any toppings you want, keeping in mind these will change the calorie and macronutrient content.
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Whey Protein Blends



Whey Protein Blends



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