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First things first, full disclosure. ProSupps Hydrobcaa is not only our best selling amino acid supplement of all time but it’s also our highest selling product IN HISTORY! Yes thats right, more than any pre workout or protein! Why is hydrobcaa the king of Muscle Maker Supplements? Keep reading to find out.  ProSupps Hydrobcaa review

ProSupps have been in the game for a while now and always had their amino acid products but for some reason they never quite stood out to the popular market. That is until, the launch of their updated Hydrobcaa. Since it’s launch people have been going crazy over it! Prosupps Hydrobcaa yields 10g of aminos in total. This is divided by 7g of bcaa’s & 3g of Eaa’s. Being one of best value for money supplements not just as a BCAA product but compared to any supplement currently on the market today.

  • 10g amino acids
  • 7g bcaa’s
  • 3’g eaa’s
  • zero calories, carbs, sugar
  • zero artificial colours

ProSupps hydrobcaa is divided into 7g of BCAA’s & 3g of EAA’s. With the addition of an electrolyte blend & zero artifical colours. zero calories, carbs & sugar! With such a high content of amino acids, Hydrobcaa ensures that anyone will benefit from its use. Particularly those who don’t eat enough protein in their diet or those in a calorie deficit trying to lose body fat but retain as much lean muscle as possible. prosupps hydrobcaa review

  • 7g BCAA’s
  • 3g EAA’s
  • 200mg of electrolytes
  • electrolytes include: magnesium citrate, sodium citrate & potassium chloride
  • zero artificial colours

The complete amino acid matrix of Prosupps HydroBCAA contains both BCAA and EAA, a crucial aspect of formulation that ensures you are maximizing protein synthesis, supporting lean muscle, improving glucose uptake and insulin sensitivity, decreasing post-training soreness and preventing muscle breakdown. BCAA include the amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine. Individually, they each play a powerful role in the body upon ingestion.

Essential amino acids, more commonly known in short as EAA include the 9 amino acids Methionine, Lysine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Tryptophan as well as the 3 BCAA Leucine, Isoleucine & Valine. They are all considered ‘essential’ as the body can’t produce them on its own and are responsible for a variety of functions. Included in such is stimulating the production of cellular energy and promotion of cellular repair, initiation of the creation of the critical enzymes necessary for healthy (and complete) digestion, preventing muscle breakdown during periods of intense physical stress, and the enhancement and protection of the mitochondria. prosupps hydrobcaa review


Although very rare, some people have allergen reactions to BCAA products. If you’re aware of this then a vegan/fermented BCAA would be more up your alley.


ProSupps HydroBcaa comes in 9 natural flavours. All flavours are top of the line addictive! The list of flavours are: Passionfruit, Pink Lemonade, Sex On The Beach, Strawberry Kiwi, Miami Vice, Dragonfruit, Texas Tea, Blackberry Lemonade & the new Blood Orange that was released in Australia in early 2020.

At the end of the day flavour of choice will be a person by person choice. No matter what, you won’t be disappointed!


Like all amino acid supplements, the best time to take ProSupps Hydrobcaa is during or post workout. If you are in a ‘cutting’ phase and looking to retain as much muscle ass possible, sipping on Hydrobcaa during cardio will help this process. prosupps hydrobcaa review


If you’re serious about making real results with whatever form of activity you do, Prosupps allow you to get the highest results with delicious flavours while keeping the cost low & affordable! We recommend trying out a new flavour with the 30 serve tubs but if you want greater value for money & you find a flavour you love then grabbing a 90 serve tub is your best plan! We can’t recommend Hydrobcaa enough for anyone who wishes to increase their performance & improve recovery. If you haven’t tried Hydrobcaa before, GET ON IT!

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