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Red Dragon Nutritionals brand new version of their popular pre workout, Dragons Breath has leveled up post 2020 TGA changes. Dragons Breath Black is a much higher stim & focus based pre workout than its former version. Personally, we’re thankful for the updates as is all the stim freaks like us around Australia! red dragon nutritionals dragons breath black review

  • 2ND VERSION OF dragons breath pre WORKOUT
  • 100% TGA APPROVED AS OF 2021
  • more stimulants than the original version
  • added english walnut
  • 30 SERVES

Red Dragon Nutritionals Dragon’s Breath Black is a very simple yet hard hitting formula. Due to TGA laws and hence the birth of Dragons Breath Black, a lot of ingredient’s from the original has been taken out. So much so, it’s safe to say to take Dragon’s Breath Black as an entirely new pre workout.

One of the big changes going forward is the missing ‘king of pumps’ ingredient Citrulline. As well as the culprit for the tingles & face scratching ingredient, Beta-Alanine. A huge change in this formula is also the significant increase in energy!


You can find the full panel on the Dragons Breath product page HERE

For this review we’ll just cover the few stand out ingredients and break them up into their specific roles:

  • Energy: Caffeine Anhydrous (350mg), English Walnut (200mg), Bitter Orange aka Synephrine (60mg), Hordenine HCL (25mg)
  • Endurance & Power: Glycine (1100mg), Betain Anhydrous (1000mg)
  • Pumps & Vasodilation: Nitrosigine (500mg)
  • Nootropics/Focus: L-Tyrsosine (400mg)

By now you should know that we are HUGE stim freaks! So when we first saw the updated version Of Dragon’s Breath we couldn’t wait to try it out. So far we have used Dragon’s Breath Black for Chest, Back & Legs because who really needs stim for arms right. Now straight off the bat, we LOVE dragon’s breath black over the original. No questions about it. It packs a lot more punch with stimulants and focus compared to the original! One thing that is missing is the tingles (Beta-Alanine) which will become the standard going forward in Australia due to recent TGA laws. So if you aren’t a fan of the tingles, itching feeling but still want one hell of a kick, then this is definitely worth trying out. Personally, we aren’t big fans so it worked out nicely for us. If you do chase the beta alanine effects though, you will find you won’t get any. Now for the pumps, because that’s what you really want to know. Although this formula on paper significantly lacks a lot of possible pump ingredients, we were truly surprised just how well we got some juicy pumps every time! A clear example of how sometimes the synergistic effects of ingredients play a huge role!

Just like the original, there was zero crash which is ideal unless you train late. Although we train late and on this particular pre workout we didn’t seem to be kept up as late as others so it was a nice smooth decline.


As the case with all high stim pre workouts, your energy levels peak within a 30-60min window. You may experience the ‘jittery’ feeling throughout your training if you are not an experienced user but again this is dependent on your caffeine tolerance. Personally, we felt absolutely none of these effects but it is not uncommon for inexperienced pre workout users & that is why half a scoop is recommended for beginners at least to begin with.


Okay so if you’ve tried any Red Dragon Nutritionals products before you know just how good they are at flavours. It’s almost annoying that we lowkey look for something to nit pick but they never disappoint. Flawless is flawless in any language! 

So we’ve got 4 flavours to choose from:

Blue Clouds, Cola Lemonade, Grape Lemonade & Green Cordial

So far we have only tried out the Cola Lemonade thank to our sample tub and wow. just wow. Cola is a hard flavour to track down so that’s why we jumped at opening this flavour first. It tastes exactly like the cola lollies we ate as kids! Bravo Red Dragon Nutritionals. Bravo. So far each and every flavour has had 10/10 stars with Blue Clouds dominating the lead with sales so far less than a month after it’s launch. And it will be the next flavour we try! red dragon nutritionals dragons breath black review


We recommend taking 1 full scoop of Dragon’s Breath Black pre workout for experienced caffeine users only 15-20min prior to training. Otherwise just half a scoop to asses tolerance for beginners or those who are easily effected by caffeine & stimulants. When using Dragon’s Breath, we found 300-400ml of water was the sweet spot for mixability & taste. Even if you have a SUPER HIGH tolerance to stimulant pre workouts we recommend avoid taking this after 5:30pm to avoid effecting your sleep!


Forget what you know about the original Dragon’s Breath pre workout because this is bigger, badder & blacker than ever! As always, Red Dragon Nutritionals have created yet another awesome product to add to their ever growing selection. This pre workout hits hard, dials you in & still manages to give you a pump you can call home about. Not to mention the fact the flavours are next level! It’s safe to say that Dragons Breath Black is for anyone!

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