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Many of you are likely feeling the restriction imposed as the result of gyms being closed. Needless to say it is still important for our physical and mental health to continue exercising outside of the gym during this time. For a lot of us we may not have access to any gym equipment at home and that is what this full body workout is tailored towards. So without further a due, let’s dive in. full home body workout

  • Two Towels
  • Two Buckets (that have handles)
  • A Chair
  • A Table or Bench (strong enough to support your body weight)
Exercise 1A: Bucket Goblet Squat

The aim of using the buckets is to have a simple object that you can make heavier by placing items within it. Use whatever you require to make the bucket heavy enough for your level of strength.

Set 1 – 20 Reps

Set 2 – 20 Reps

Set 3 – 15 Reps

Set 4 – 15 Reps

Note: Increase weight as the amount of reps decrease. This Exercise is to be included in a super-set with exercise 1B.

Cues for Form: Grip the bucket evenly either side and stand up fully. Keep the bucket making contact with your chest and squat down until you reach a full range of motion. Treat the movement as similar to a regular goblet squat as possible, including keeping a neutral spine, hinging appropriately at both the hips and knees, and reaching a good range of motion at the lower portion of the movement. As you may not be able to load this as heavily as usual, ensure you are controlling the tempo, making a 2-5 second negative, a 2 second hold and a regular 1 second positive phase of the movement.

Exercise 1B: Overhead Bucket Walking Lunges

Load your second bucket with an appropriate weight you can press overhead and hold there while performing walking lunges. If you do not have enough space to do walking lunges, simply do one leg at a time in a stationary position.

Set 1 – 15 Reps (Each Leg)

Set 2 – 15 Reps (Each Leg)

Set 3 – 15 Reps (Each Leg)

Set 4 – 15 Reps (Each Leg)

Cues for form: Grip the bucket evenly on either side and lift then press it overhead just shy of full arm extension. Keep the torso upright to retain a neutral spine position and begin to lunge forward. Lower your body toward the floor until your back knee touches the floor lightly, focus on controlling the weight through the negative of the movement utilizing the glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps. Pause for a second and push back up using your forward leg focusing on pushing through your heel, inside and outside ball of the foot equally, until you reach full leg extension. From here step your rear leg to the same position as your front leg and repeat the range of motion with the alternate leg. While performing the lunges, ensure you maintain the overhead arm extension, keeping it tight, this will really burn out your shoulders and triceps as well.

Exercise 2: Chair Push Ups

Utilising the chair, here we can make a beginner and advanced variation of the pushup. For the BEGINNERS or those not able to perform the advanced version, simply lean onto the chair with your hands evenly spread, keeping your legs and back straight creating an incline angle with your body. From here, lower your body weight toward the chair using your chest as you would in a regular pushup. Lower yourself until your chest makes contact with the chair and press your weight back up. full home body workout

For the ADVANCED variation rest your feet up on the chair and set your hands on the floor, maintaining straight legs and back to create a decline angle with your body. From here, lower your body weight toward the floor until you reach a full stretch in the chest, then press your weight back up. 

Set 1 – Failure

Set 2 – Failure

Set 3 – Failure

Set 4 – Failure

Note: Failure means until you have zero full reps left in the tank. So go until you cannot do another rep.

For the Advanced people, you can also add more intensity by making a giant set here, going from feet up on the chair, to feet on the floor, to knees on the floor. This makes for an absolute killer set.

Cues for Form: When setting up ensure your hands are evenly spread around 1.5 shoulder width or as close as your chair allows to this. Keep your elbows slightly tucked and lower your chest. Control the negative phase of the rep for at least 2 seconds, hold at the bottom for 1 second and push yourself back up for a 1 second concentric phase then squeeze and hold at the top for 1 second.

Exercise 3: Bucket Lateral Raises

Using both buckets this time (one for each hand), load the weight appropriately to perform a set of lateral raises.

Set 1 – 12 Reps

Set 2 – 12 Reps

Set 3 – 10 Reps

Set 4 – 10 Reps

Note: For an Advanced technique perform the exercise seated with a 2 second concentric, 3 second hold, and 5 second eccentric.

Cues for form: Hold the bucket handles in the center and stand straight up (advanced sit straight up), holding the buckets at your sides initiate the movement by driving your elbows up and stopping when they become parallel with your shoulder. Ensure you are contracting the lateral delts as these are the target muscles, hold at the top and control the weight back down.

Exercise 4: Table Reverse Rows

Using a table or bench that can hold your body weight, set up underneath holding the edge with an overhand grip and perform what is essentially the reverse of a bent over or seal row.

Set 1 – 20 Reps

Set 2 – 20 Reps

Set 3 – 15 Reps

Set 4 – 15 Reps

Note: Use body weight and focus on contracting and controlling the movement as much as possible. If more weight is needed you can use something to rest on your body to add more resistance.

Cues for form: Place your hands 1.5 times shoulder width and let your body weight hang under the table or bench while keeping your body straight, allow your heels to rest on the floor. Pull your weight up toward the table/bench until your chest makes contact with the table/bench. Contract at this point and then control your body weight back down until you feel a stretch in the mid back and lats.

Exercise 5A: Bucket Bicep Curls

Using both buckets again, load them at an appropriate weight for you to perform a set of bicep curls.

Set 1 – 10 Reps (Each Arm)

Set 2 – 10 Reps (Each Arm)

Set 3 – 8 Reps (Each Arm)

Set 4 – 8 Reps (Each Arm)

Note: This Exercise is to be included in a super-set with exercise 4B.

Cues for form: Grab the bucket handles in the center of each, stand up with them either side of your body. Bring the weight up by contracting the bicep, mimicking the movement of a standard dumbbell curl. Once peak contraction is achieved, hold for a second then control back down for 3 seconds. Repeat this until the required amount of reps is completed. full home body workout

Exercise 5B: Chair Tricep Dips

Set 1 – 20 Reps

Set 2 – 20 Reps

Set 3 – 15 Reps

Set 4 – 15 Reps

Note: If extra resistance is needed put some kind of weight on your lap.

Cues for form: Set your hands evenly either side of your body on the chair, with the front of your torso facing away from the chair. Set your legs in front of you on the floor with a slight bend to keep stability. Lower your body weight down by bending at the elbow and controlling with your triceps. Keep your torso as straight as possible to reduce stress on the shoulder. Once the upper portion of your arm is parallel to the floor press your weight back up by contracting the triceps and pushing your hands into the chair, contracting at the top of the movement. Repeat this until the required amount of reps are completed.

And that’s your full body NO EQUIPMENT workout! Hopefully you can take at least something from this and not be afraid to get creative with your training at home. This is a hard time for the entire fitness community but it is no time to give up on your fitness goals. Be mindful that you can’t make the same progress you could in the actual gym, but you can still maintain and work on skills such as technique, form, muscle mind connection, stability and so much more! Stay safe and keep fit!

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