PeakO2™ – The Better Beta Alanine?

Supplement breakdown - PEAKo2 THE BETTER BETA-ALANINE?

Very Quickly before we jump into what Peako2 is / does, we can’t talk about Peako2 supplements without first mentioning Beta Alanine. You know those pre workouts that give you that itchy, ants crawling over your skin, beehive on your face feeling? Yep, you guessed it. that’s Beta Alanine. Many are now aware of Beta Alanine and some go out of their way to either find or avoid products with Beta Alanine. Those ‘tingles’ are whats known as parasthesia & it is a completely harmless side effect. So why does Beta Alanine have anything to do with PeakO2™? Here’s the comparison:

PEAKo2: What Is it?

PeakO2™ is a patented combination of six, organic-certified, strains of mushrooms produced by Compound Solutions, an ingredient manufacturer who is responsible for many of the most popular ingredients we know & use in modern day supplementation. These mushroom strains have undergone an unique process that has allowed them to preserve peak bio-activity for maximum performance. The six strains of mushrooms that make up PeakO2™ are Cordyceps, Reishi, King Trumpet, Shiitake, Lion’s Mane & Turkey Tail.


The mushroom strains that make up Peako2 are whats known as adaptogens; And quite powerful ones at that! Adaptogens are natural substances that are used to help the body adapt to stressors (such as intense exercise). Therefore allowing greater endurance & energy without having to exert as much energy! Through multiple studies & clinical studies Peako2 has been found to:

  • Increase Workout Duration
  • Decrease Time to Exhaustion
  • Increase Maximum Power Output
  • Increase Peak Strength
  • Increase Oxygen Utilisation During Exercise
  • Ability to Uptake Oxygen Through The Blood Stream

Most studies for the dosing protocols for PEAKo2 supplements had the participants using 2g per day for 14 days as the ‘loading phase’ to reach a proper working dose of as little as 28g to fully reach the potential effect of Peako2. Once the loading phase has been completed; Only 1-2g a day will be enough to continue the effects of the body. There is no real ‘wrong’ time to supplement with Peako2 but most will find taking it pre, intra or post workout to be the best option as its taste can be masked & by taking it in a routine around your usual supplement stack, it will be hard to forget taking.

Now, let’s compare this to Beta Alanine. While Peako2 only needs 14 days of using 2g per day to reach it’s full 28g potential. May sound a little long to some. ‘why am i taking something that takes 2 weeks to start seeing results from’ right? Apart from creatine being an incredibly similar process(article for another day); Beta Alanine requires a whopping 179g dose to fully be present in the body. Now if we look at the clinical dose of Beta Alanine of 3.2g (provided your pre workout even uses this dose) it would take 56 straight consecutive days to properly flood your system with it. Peako2 is now not only superior in it’s pathways of use in the body, less side effects but now amazingly more cost effective.


okay so now that you’ve got the basics of a PEAKo2 & little key comparisons to Beta Alanine, lets look a little more about how the two actually work in the body to increase performance.

our final thoughts

PeakO2™ is quite superior to Beta Alanine for many reasons. More of a natural source, better pathways used in the body, less is more & of course saving of money. However! For some, Beta Alanine is what gives these people more drive in throughout their workouts due the parenthesis (tingles) and if you feel like that’s what drives you to life heavier and feel the need to keep moving… That’s going to show amazing results as well. So although we personally would choose products with PeakO2, it will also heavily depend on an individuals preference!


If you wish to start using PeakO2 supplements & increase your fitness performance we’ve done the work for you & found the best supplements based on dosage, price & customer feedback!



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