5 Easy Ways To Stick To A Diet

5 Easy Ways To Stick To A Diet Banner

Within the fitness community there is always talk of which diet is the best for each specific goal, and furthermore which template diet is best for certain individuals. In reality, the best diet for you is the one that you will adhere to consistently over a long period of time. Now this doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want, because of course you’re still wanting to see good results. What this article has been made to explain is that you can implement foods you enjoy and certain food substitutes to prevent you from breaking your diet which happens commonly after over restricting yourself. So to help prevent this from happening, here are some tips you can use to make your diet more enjoyable!

1. Use Low-Calorie Sauces, Syrups and Dressings

When dieting it can be hard to find yourself adding enjoyable flavours to your meals which can of course make your food bland and boring. Especially when trying to cook with minimal calories, finding low calorie recipes and then executing them can be a bit much to be doing for every meal. For this reason, implementing sauces, syrups and dressings that are low-calorie and macro-nutrient friendly can add a heap of flavour to your plainer meals and make them far more enjoyable!

Examples of these that are used by team muscle maker include zero calorie Maple Syrup, Nando’s sauces, Siracha sauces, reduced sugar Tomato and Barbeque sauces, and the list goes on. Using herbs and seasonings when cooking can also liven up your meals much more!


2. Implement Tracked Diet Changes/ Be Flexible

When dieting many individuals follow a meal plan or some kind of base diet. This is a great way to make meal prep easy and have a foundation to adhere to. Now depending on how well you can stick to this base diet, it may be beneficial to implement a tracked meal change every 2 or 3 days to allow yourself some variance in your plan. Now this isn’t to be treated as a cheat meal, still eat something relatively clean but something you enjoy. The best way to implement this is to track it in a calorie tracker such as MyFitnessPal (you can download this from the app store for free) and implement the meal as best as you can within your standard diet. Usually we would recommend to only replace one meal, but if you have an event on or for some reason the total calories of your replacement meal exceed just one of your regular meals, then you can swap up to two. You must keep in mind when doing this you are to keep as close to the macronutrient equivalent as possible, meaning whatever you replace with must have a very similar if not exact same amount of protein carbs and fats. For instance if you replaced your lunch, which had 50grams of carbs, 50grams of protein and 15grams of fat, your replacement meal should have very similar macronutrient values to this.


3. Implement foods YOU enjoy

One of the biggest things that will make you want to stick to your diet is implementing foods that you actually enjoy eating. There is a limit to this of course, but if you want to implement some dark chocolate or peanut butter as a fat source and can make it fit in your macros, go for it! This applies for your carbohydrate sources also, if you’d rather eat bread or a wrap opposed to rice in a few meals a day then do it! So long as your adhering to the plan and your total calories and macros are correct it is okay to allow yourself these options.


4. Take Advantage of Zero Calorie Drinks

Sugar free soft drinks, Amino Acid products and so on can be great ways to kill sugar cravings without adding calories into your diet. When having sugar free soft drinks it is important to moderate the amount you drink as exceptionally healthy due to the artificial flavouring and other additives, though 1-2 per day maximum can still be okay.


5. Utilise supplements to your advantage

Using supplements to your advantage can help massively when trying to stick to your diet, for instance using a protein powder that tastes incredible kills sweet cravings and can make foods such as oats far more enjoyable when mixed in with them. Whey Protein is also a thermogenic macro-nutrient, meaning your body burns through it faster than fats or carbs and helps speed up your metabolism. View All Protein Options Here

Caffeine is also amazing when in a caloric deficit as it suppresses your appetite, so products such as fat burners can stop you from wanting to overeat. View All Fat Burners Here

As previously mentioned, sipping on Amino Acid products throughout the day can also help curve sugar cravings due to their sweet taste, not to mention they regulate blood sugar levels which will also reduce your appetite. View All Amino Acids Here


So those are 5 Easy Ways For You To Stick To Your Diet! We hope you have something new to implement into your dieting strategies now and find it a little bit easier to smash your fitness goals!

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