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New Muscletech Supplements Range 2021

An all-new Muscletech has surfaced today with more than just a fresh rebrand. The long-running supplement company has revamped its entire look across each of the many series in its extensive lineup, and it’s made some major changes to its logo. It is well and truly an all-new Muscletech, and while there are a lot of differences, there are also some consistences fans will be familiar with.

The most significant change with the revamped Muscletech is its branding, which is evident in the images throughout this post. The legacy brand has really switched things up, moving to a look and layout that is quite different from anything we’ve seen from it before. Muscletech has, however, enlarged its logo on all of the products, so while the new look is a big leap, it’s clear who the brand is.

All new Muscletech Look

The way Muscletech has categorized and restructured its updated lineup is by separating all of its supplements into three categories. First up is the Performance Series for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, consisting of many of the brand’s more familiar products. It includes Muscletech’s signature protein powder Nitro-Tech, its creatine Cell-Tech, and of course, its fat burner Hydroxycut.

Next, you have the Elite Series, which is the brand’s more advanced and specific line. This one includes the brand’s stimulant pre-workout Shatter, the testosterone booster Test-HD, and its long-running mass gainer Mass-Tech. There are also different versions of items in the Performance Series, such as Hydroxycut Hardcore Super Elite, Nitro-Tech Elite, and Amino-Build Elite.

The third and final group of supplements from the all-new Muscletech is the Health and Fitness Series. This line is intended to be more for health and wellness and currently consists of two products with Grass-Fed Whey and ISO Whey Clear. It is a lot to take in, but Muscletech does make it easy to tell all of the series apart with the Performance items colored black, Elite in silver, and Health and Fitness in white.

Muscletech Nitro tech x Cell tech new look


There are formula changes to each of the supplements that fall under Muscletech’s three new series, although they mostly stay true to their original intentions. For example, Nitro-Tech is still a protein powder, and Hydroxycut is a fat burner, with the differences coming in their ingredients, dosages, and flavoring.

You can get a closer look at everything Muscletech has relaunched with, on our Muscletech brand page, which includes information on its first lot of supplements in the Performance, Elite, and Health and Fitness Series. We say ‘first lot’ as the legacy brand does plan to transition and add more products to each of the lines throughout the year. This is just the beginning, so definitely stay tuned for more from the all-new Muscletech.

view the new look muscletech range here

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