Superman Actor Henry Cavill Becomes The Chief Creative Director at Muscletech

Superman Henry Cavill becomes new creative director for muscletech

At the beginning of the year Veteran supplement company ‘Muscletech’ announced some big news for the brand. They very publicly announced that actor Henry Cavill, known for his role as Superman in Man Of Steel, Justice League, and Batman V Superman and also Geralt of Rivia in the video game & now Netflix smash hit The Witcher. Has has joined the team. He has come on board as a brand ambassador, spokesperson, and Muscletech’s new Chief Creative Director.

The Muscletech partnership will see Henry Cavill taking part in advertising campaigns, marketing, social media, and more. A big goal of the two coming together seems to be to drive Muscletech’s massive rebrand introduced around the middle of the year. In the brand’s words, “Cavill will help connect Muscletech’s past with a more diverse, inclusive and optimistic future”.

Another interesting detail Muscletech has mentioned about its partnership with Henry Cavill is he will be helping the brand when it comes to the creation of all-new products. It is certainly an interesting partnership between the big-name supplement company and big-name actor, but an exciting one that’ll be intriguing to see how it unfolds as these two powerhouse names collaborate together going forward.

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