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Introducing one of the newest protein’s to hit the Australian market in 2021, Nexus Sports Nutrition Nex-Whey! Nex-Whey’s most standout feature in our opinion is the flavour! They’re sweet but not too sweet and you’ll be left with a dramatic tear rolling down your cheek every time you finish a tub! Whether you’re looking to build some lean muscle mass or lose weight, Nex-Whey is worth trying!  Nexus Sports Nutrition Nex-Whey Review

  • WHEY PROtein isolate + concentrate blend
  • GUT FRIENDLY / easy on the stomach



Nex-Whey uses a blend of both Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate. If you don’t know the difference that’s okay. Concentrate is the most bio-available form of whey, containing all the essential amino acids your body requires from outside sources such as food & supplementation. The Isolate whey, is the highest quality form of Whey on the market, it goes through an even further filtration process than concentrate to allow for even more optimal uptake and muscle recovery. So, it’s safe to say this is a premium whey protein blend!

Nex-Whey is currently available in 2lb tubs that contain 30, 30gram serves. Each of which contains 23.3g of protein, 2.6g of carbs and only 1g of fat. A very optimal ratio, keeping it high protein and low calorie. Nexus Sports Nutrition Nex-Whey Review



Nexus Sports Nutrition Nex-Whey is a Whey Protein Blend, comprising of Whey Protein Concentrate and Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate. Two of the highest quality forms of Whey available. The blend allows for both fast and moderate absorption of the protein source. As the Hydrolysed Isolate is extremely fast absorbed it is quickly put to use, while the concentrate being slightly slower allowing for a sustained release. With this combination, Nex-Whey is perfect for post-workout use, or anytime during the day to reach your protein intake goals.

Results you will find from this product in the short-term include assistance in muscle recovery, and induce muscle growth.  Along with reducing muscle soreness, allowing you to be ready for your next training session allowing you to work at a higher capacity without being held back by DOMS, which will in turn better your overall training.

Long-term effects of using Nex-Whey are various due to its excellent versatility. Individual goals of the user will impact these results, for instance if fat loss is desired, using this product in companion with a caloric deficit will result in fat loss. The same can be said for its use in companion with a caloric surplus which will result in muscle growth. In either case, it will assist in better performance, recovery and body composition when used appropriately.



When it comes to flavours, Nex-Whey has taken it to the ‘NEX-level. Including the regular Chocolate & Vanilla flavours every brand has in their range. There are 3 flavours to choose from at the time of this review & here at Muscle Maker Supplements, we have tried them all! Nex-Whey is available in:

Classic Chocolate, Vanilla Ice Cream & Hokey Pokey

When it comes to mix-ability, Nex-Whey is definitely one of the thinner proteins on the market so as a standalone shake or as an addition to a smoothie it mixes perfectly! But we don’t recommend this one for oats if you want a thick Pro-Oats meal.

Nexus Sports Nutrition Nex-Whey Review


Nex-Whey is best taken post-workout to enhance muscle recovery and lean muscle gains. It can also be added throughout the day either with or in between meals to help the user reach their daily protein target. While the Muscle Maker Team have been using this product, we have mostly used it as a post workout shake as well as blended into our morning smoothies with added berries & bananas.

Nexus Sports Nutrition Nex-Whey Review


If you’re looking to change things up and give a new protein a try that you know will nail the flavour & not give you any stomach distress, then Nex-Whey should definitely be up next in your arsenal of supplements! You won’t be left disappointed.

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