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Sinner Supps brand new reinvented 2021 version of Power Up expands on the newly instated TGA laws from the original Sinner Pre Workout. Although TGA rules for Australian supplements are pretty strict in 2021, Sinner Power Up is definitely NOT for beginners! sinner supps power up review

  • 2nd version of sinner pre workout
  • 100% TGA approved as of 2021
  • 25 serves
Sinner power up Formula and Dosage

Sinner Supps Power Up pre workout carries a lot of active ingredients (17 to be exact). It primarily focuses of high levels of stimulants & focus ingredients giving it a pretty big kick for those days you really need a dose of high energy. Along with adding Teacrine, you’ll notice you won’t crash half way through your workout. In fact you may want to wary taking this one late at night if you value your sleep!

One of the big changes going forward is the missing ‘king of pumps’ ingredient Citrulline. But don’t stress! Sinner Supps has added clinical doses of both Vaso6 & agmatine Sulphate. Now with Vaso6 alone at 300mg, your body will produce as much nitric oxide production as 6000mg of citrulline malate that you find in most pre workouts. Also with 1000mg of Agmatine you will actually find the pump on Power Up will be better than the original version! sinner supps power up review

sinner power up Ingredients

You can find the full panel on the Sinner Supps Power Up Pre Workout product page HERE

For this review we’ll just cover the few stand out ingredients and break them up into their specific roles:

  • Energy: Caffeine Anhydrous (350mg), English Walnut (250mg), Cocoabuteral (150mg), Bitter Orange aka Synephrine (60mg)
  • Endurance & Power: Beta Alanine (1200mg), 
  • Pumps & Vasodilation: Agmatine Sulphate (1000mg), Vaso6 (300mg), 
  • Nootropics/Focus: Choline Bitartrate (1000mg), Acteyl-Tyrosine (400mg), Alpha GPC (250mg), Zynamite (250mg), Teacrine (150mg), Huperzine-A (1mcg)

Now at Muscle Maker, we are stim heads through & through so couldn’t wait to trial the now Power Up version as we are all fans of the original Sinner. We used Power Up for legs, chest & back for this one (we don’t use stims any higher than 250mg MAX if at all for shoulders & 0 caffeine for arm day). Now we were definitely surprised just how much the pump there was coming through all those stims. Definitely better pumps than the original Sinner & the energy & focus was just as expected from the original! It’s incredibly rare to see any pre workout reformulate and actually get better! 

Just as before there was zero crash but also went against us as we train late and it kept us up longer than even we expected so be wary when taking this too late if you need to be up early the next day! sinner supps power up review

Side Effects

As the case with all high stim pre workouts, your energy levels peak within a 30-60min window. You may experience the ‘jittery’ feeling throughout your training if you are not an experienced user but again this is dependent on your caffeine tolerance. All of us who have been using Power Up felt absolutely none of these effects but it is not uncommon for inexperienced pre workout users & that is why half a scoop is recommended for beginners at least to begin with.


Look, you should know us by now and that we DON’T blow smoke up your ass. Now even though Power Up is one hell of a pre workout in performance, we personally feel like the flavours are not quite the best you would of tried in the past. It’s hard to compete against the likes of flavourings with some pre workouts such as Disorder, DetonationX & Dragon’s Breath Black that are currently on the market… BUT don’t forget, wouldn’t you much rather shot a pre workout that kicks you in the ass and gets results over sipping on something super tasty and get sweet f*#k all results? We’ll let you think about that one.

Currently there are 6 flavours to choose from with a 7th deadly sin flavour due in April 2021: Naughty Pineapple, Guilty Grape, Lime Crime, Wicked Orange, Raspberry Wrath & Forbidden Passion.

But if we had to choose one flavour that was the best out of them all, we would have to go with lime crime. Guilty, we are all massive lime fans here at Muscle Maker.


We recommend taking 1 full scoop of Sinner Power Up pre workout for experienced caffeine users only 15-20min prior to training. Otherwise just half a scoop to asses tolerance for beginners or those who are easily effected by caffeine & stimulants. When using Power Up, our team found 300-400ml of water was the sweet spot for mixability & taste. Even if you have a SUPER HIGH tolerance to stimulant pre workouts we recommend avoid taking Power Up after 5:30pm to avoid effecting your sleep due to the long lasting effects of Teacrine. sinner supps power up review


So even though we’ve established this one is not the best on taste we say to you, ‘stop being a lil bitch. shot it down & get ready for an intense workout!’. At the end of the day, you don’t take shots on the weekend because you like the taste. You do it for a purpose and the results. As with Sinner, the results will be some pretty mean pumps and some true old school level lights out intensity & focus. 25 serves of one of the best pre workouts currently on the market. Thank us later!

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