Supplement breakdown - Vaso6
What is vaso6?

VASO6 is now one of them most popular pre-workout ingredients on the market at the moments due to its exposure of delivering the fullest and cleanest pumps. This awesome ingredient is a patented ingredient from one of the leading companies in sports nutrition ingredients ‘Compound Solutions”. It is derived from the most active parts of green tea and grape seed extracts that are heavily involved with blood flow. Although drinking green tea and eating grapes will not cause the same effect due to the lack of concentration in the whole food and drink.

VASO6™ uses only the most effective oligomers for stimulating nitric oxide that is found in grape seed and green tea extracts which are a special type of molecular compound which can be made up of a few distinctive molecules that are able to bond together due to being identical molecules. The use of gallic acid, to make the oligomers ‘gallate-enhanced’, significantly improves the bioavailability and activity of these oligomers.

what does it do/Why use it?

VASO6 helps to boosts Nitric Oxide (NO) levels which is what creates the pump. But unlike the other main NO boosters (Arginine, Citrulline, Agmatine & Nitrates) which main objectives are to increasing vasodilation, but also increases vasorelaxation. What vasorelaxation does is that it can help protect and improve your cardiovascular system by not having the heart work as hard but smarted to move blood around the body. This is caused by the blood vessels being able to fully relax which allows room for temporary vessel expansion. In turn increasing blood flow, pumps, muscle energy, power, endurance, oxygen delivery to the brain and a lot more beneficial effects with those listed being the main ones.

When do i take it?

To take advantage of the full effects of VASO6, it is best taken before training with your pre workout supplement. Roughly 10-30min prior to your workout.

The most efficacious dose of VASO6 is 300mg a day but there is no harm in increasing but we do not recommned exceeding 600mg a day.


If you wish to start benefiting from the effects of VASO6 like increased blood flow, cardiovascular system, brain function and a whole other range of benefits then it’s a good time to start supplementing with this ingredient. We’ve done the work for you & found the best VASO6 supplements based on quality, price & versatility!

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