Onest Health HyperLoad Pre Workout Review

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Onest Health – HyperLoad Pre Workout Review

From the Australian-born and world famous transformation coach, Ryan Spiteri comes one of the most well rounded and high performance pre workout to hit the Aussie market in years! Onest Health HyperLoad is a pre workout that has been popping up in stores around the country gathering some serious hype around it. Let’s take a deeper look into the formula and find out why that is! onest health hyperload pre workout review

  • 2 types of caffeine
  • clean energy with zero crash
  • clinically dosed pump
  • added S7 for extreme pumps
  • increases focus + performance
  • australian made + owned

As we said, HyperLoad has to be one of the perfectly balanced pre workouts out there at the moment. Especially being made in Australia and with the strict TGA laws preventing many popular ingredients to be used, the Onest team have still gone ahead and added a full 7200mg of Citrulline malate for those pump lovers!

There is 13 active ingredients that make up this pre workout and although 13 may be unlucky number for some, each and every single one is perfectly dosed!


You can find the full nutrition panel on the HyperLoad product page HERE

For this review we’ll just cover the few stand out ingredients and break them up into their specific roles:

Energy: Caffeine Anhydrous (200mg), DiCaffeine Malate (100mg), 

Endurance & Power: Beta Alanine (3200mg), 

Pumps & Vasodilation: Citrulline Malate (7200mg), Nitrosigine (750mg), S7 (50mg), 

Nootropics/Focus: L-Theanine (300mg), Alpha GPC (200mg)

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We have been using the Rainbow Candy flavour for the past 2 weeks and have trained every muscle group using HyperLoad. Without question we agree that the pump and focus are the two main highlights. From the first rep to the last, the complete tunnel vision experience was second to none! As with all great pump pre workouts after a few sets the pump set in as the muscles filled with blood! For days like chest, arms and shoulders this could very well be our new go to pre workout! onest health hyperload pre workout review

Of course, we are stim junkies here at Muscle Maker Supplements so the energy levels weren’t over the top but thanks to the focus it almost felt unnecessary to want anymore caffeine.


As the case with all high stim pre workouts, your energy levels peak within a 30-60min window. You may experience the ‘jittery’ feeling throughout your training if you are not an experienced user but again this is dependent on your caffeine tolerance. Personally, we felt absolutely none of these effects but it is not uncommon for inexperienced pre workout users & that is why half a scoop is recommended for beginners at least to begin with.

There was zero crash which is ideal for everyone. Although we train late and on this particular pre workout we did notice that the effects didn’t ware off for a while after. Mostly due to the blend of caffeine and focus ingredients. So if you train late and need to be asleep early we suggest using half a scoop. onest health hyperload pre workout review


So far we have only tried the Rainbow Candy flavour and we all agree that the team at Onest have done really well with this one. It’s not the typical overtop, mouth salivating level of sweetness like other ‘rainbow’ flavours but it also has enough flavour to mask the raw ingredients!

So far at the time of this review we have 3 flavours to choose from:

Rainbow Candy, Summer Twist & Strawberry Banana

After we finish our tub of Rainbow Candy we are excited to give the Summer Twist a run!


We recommend taking 1 full scoop of HyperLoad pre workout 15-20min prior to training. Otherwise just half a scoop to asses tolerance for beginners or those who are easily effected by caffeine & stimulants. When using Hyperload, we found that 300-400ml of water was the sweet spot for mixability & taste. Even if you have a SUPER HIGH tolerance to stimulant pre workouts we recommend avoid taking this after 5:30pm to avoid effecting your sleep! onest health hyperload pre workout review


If you’re after a pre workout that gives you a lot of focus and pump and DON’T want to be stimmed out your mind then we highly suggest giving HyperLoad a run for your next pre workout! Just don’t take it too late if you’re prone to overthinking. Your brain won’t wind down for a while.😉

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