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Inspired Nutraceuticals have created a big bad pre-workout to, in their words “shake up a dead category”. And that is exactly what they have done with DVST8 BBD. A true leader in the hard-hitting heavy stim pre workout category. It’s safe to say they have certainly created a stand out product with this one! Inspired Nutraceuticals DVST8 BBD Pre workout review

  • Dropped in Australia in late 2019
  • 25 Serve tub
  • Massive stimulant base with 375mg Caffeine, 250mg English Walnut Extract and 200mg Teacrine
  • In a full scoop, it delivers clinical doses of pump, endurance and focus ingredients such as Citrulline, Beta-Alanine, Tyrosine and more
  • Ideal for Stim Junkies
  • Contains additional ingredients such as theanine to reduce anxiety or irritability for those who suffer when taking high stimulant products
  • Comes in 5 great flavours



Coming in a 25 serve tub, DVST8 BBD packs a massive punch with its active ingredients, here’s the breakdown: Inspired Nutraceuticals dvst8 bbd pre workout review


  • Caffeine Anhydrous – 375mg
  • English Walnut Extract – 250mg
  • Teacrine – 200mg
  • Synephrine – 30mg


  • Beta-Alanine – 3.2grams

Muscle Pumps

  • Citrulline – 6grams

Mental Focus

  • Taurine – 1 gram
  • N-Acetyl Tyrosine – 750mg

Stress/Anxiety Reduction

  • Theanine – 100mg
  • Nelumbo Nucifera – 100mg
  • Scelectium Tortuosum


  • Bioperine – 10mg


Needless to say, the ingredient profile on DVST8 BBD is STACKED. Not only with a massive stimulant base, but clinical pump, endurance, mental focus and a very interesting stress and anxiety control complex. Overall providing intense energy that won’t send you into an anxious state while delivering good pumps, endurance and amazing mental focus. Inspired Nutraceuticals dvst8 bbd pre workout review


Results and Effects

In true Muscle Maker fashion, we went straight for a full scoop of this one. Using it on big training days throughout trials with workouts such as legs, chest, back and shoulders. Once we tried this for the first time, we knew it was one of our new favourites. Upon taking DVST8 BBD, within 20 minutes we found a massive surge of energy that seemed everlasting during out sessions. Pumps were also very impressive for a product with minimal pump ingredients and so many stimulants (our favourite). Alongside the energy, the mental focus was incredible, during all sets we were 100% in it and getting the most out of it. Endurance also increased as the stimulants and anti-fatigue ingredients gave us no choice but to push through those hard reps. This intensity did not waver for the entire session, and there was no post workout crash. All in all, this ticked all of our boxes!


Side Effects

Now it’s fairly obvious what the side effects of a pre workout that contains a super high dose of stimulants are. But in case you don’t, read carefully. With the stimulant dosage so high, you may experience the ‘jittery’ feeling throughout your training a slight-to-mid level crash post workout. Again, this is dependent on your caffeine tolerance. Also as mentioned prior, DVST8 BBD has a stress/anxiety control complex which aims to reduce/remove this side effect. All of us who have used a pre workout like DVST8 BBD felt absolutely none of these effects but it is not uncommon for inexperienced pre workout users & that is why 1/2 a scoop is recommended for beginners. Inspired Nutraceuticals dvst8 bbd pre workout review


Personally, we think Inspired have VASTLY improved their flavour profiles since their previous DVST8 instalment (white diamond). There are at least 1-2 flavours that will suit anyone’s taste palate. We know you’ll be using this pre workouts more than a couple times at least so there’s plenty to choose from to keep things fresh! Let’s breakdown the 5 delicious flavours:

  • Black Nebula (Apple Blackcurrant)
  • Candy Clouds (Cotton Candy)
  • Concord Candy (Grape)
  • Laguna Sunrise (Pineapple Orange Mango)
  • Northern Lights (Raspberry Slushie)

We recommend taking half (1/2) a scoop of DVST7 BBD pre workout to asses tolerance for beginners or those who are easily effected by caffeine & stimulants. Experienced caffeine who this pre workout is made for, 15-20min prior to training is perfect timing. Our team found 300-400ml of water was the sweet spot for mixablilty due to its incredibly sweet taste. 

We recommend avoid taking DVST8 after 5:30pm to avoid effecting your sleep. due to the high caffeine and massive dose of teacrine, this WILL keep you up at night! Inspired Nutraceuticals dvst8 bbd pre workout review


Inpsired Nutraceuticals definitely succeeded in creating a pre workout Australia has needed for a long time! It certainly is not just another pre workout to fill space on a shelf, in fact this one moves so fast it barely lasts on our shelves. DVST8 is a fully stacked, delicious & well rounded pre workout that ticks every box you want/need in a pre workout. Mainly suited towards the stim junkies,. DVST8 BBD is perfect for legs, chest & back days with high, long lasting energy & focus. No matter what flavour you choose, you will enjoy drinking this every day before training!

Inspired Nutraceuticals dvst8 bbd pre workout review

buy dvst8 bbd today



incredibly devastating pre workout

  • explosive energy!
  • zero crash!
  • incredible focus & pumps
  • 25 one scoop serves
  • not for beginners!
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